Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kills 25 plane crash at sea in Indonesia

25 people have died in the crash of a plane at sea in the remote Papua province, said the Ministry of Transport. The aircraft, a turboprop MA-60 type made in China, "he plunged into the sea about 500 meters from the runway in the landing phase" in Kaimana Airport, a small city of West Papua, an official said ministry Bambang Ervan.

The aircraft carrier Merpati Nusantara Indonesia has "exploded" and broke into several parts to touch the water, said Gunawan, a Navy officer based in Guinea. "All passengers are dead" and "15 bodies were found in the water." The plane was flying to Sorong, a town north of the province.

"The weather conditions were bad with low visibility, when the accident occurred," Ervan said. Indonesia relies heavily on air routes to link its some 6,000 inhabited islands, some of which are covered by mountains and forests. Due to a high number of accidents, the European Union had set in July 2007 in its blacklist of 51 airlines in Indonesia, the prohibition to put their planes in the 27 EU countries.

Several have been removed from this list as a result of improved security.

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