Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pakistan down the house of Osama

The last residence of Osama Bin Laden in which he was killed on Monday will be demolished. This was announced Pakistani security sources say that will be demolished to prevent it from becoming "a sacred building for jihadists." The building, located about 800 meters from the Military Academy, Abbottabad, was closed by the army to collect all the information that was inside after the operation which ended with the terrorist.

"As we have done in the past, we will also raze the building to not become a sacred building for jihadists," said a member of the Security Forces, quoted by the daily 'The News'. In 2007, Pakistani authorities demolished Jamia Hafsa, a center related to the Red Mosque in Islamabad after a military operation.

The compound where bin Laden lived was built in 2005, has three floors and is walled and surrounded by fields. According to these sources, has not been decided yet whether to allow journalists' entry to the house, but reporters still thronging with pending residency that will allow them access.

Since the U.S. government announced the death of Bin Laden, the house has become a place of pilgrimage for local residents and journalists, making it a tourist attraction where vendors have seized the opportunity, offering bouquets or "remnants" of the helicopter that crashed into the wall of the house.

However, although it was thought that the residence could become a pilgrimage center of the 'jihad', the truth is that, for now, are just the curious who come to the place.

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