Sunday, May 8, 2011

Frankfurt will hold a rally in memory of Bin Laden

"No city can oppose the will of Allah," said the leader of the Salafist Invitation to Paris (EZP), Sven Lau, announcing that the Administrative Court of Frankfurt has been in action, the ban on a rally in memory Bin Laden, has decided he can finally take place. The event, whose program appears with several magnets guest preaching, will take place tomorrow evening in a central square in Frankfurt.

The Court lifted a prohibition issued by the City Council to call an extremist preacher led by Pierre Vogel, bound by the German secret services with jihadist groups that participated in the 11-S and has worn the concentration in a central square Frankfurt as a religious act to pray for Bin Laden, but that does not hide its intention to protest.

Vogel, an ex-boxer who converted to Islam in 2001 and adopted the name Abu Hamza, held in recent days that the death of Bin Laden "has been an execution without trial" and called on all Muslims to ask " what evidence they had gathered against him in connection with the 11-S and why he has not been given the opportunity to defend himself in court, "ending his proclamations with quotes by Friedrich Engels as" the greater the injustice, the greater the revolution.

" The only condition imposed by the administrative court is not mentioned directly or indirectly to Bin Laden at the rally, but more than 1,500 Muslim Salafis who have already confirmed their attendance via the website of the call does not seem very willing to respect this condition and police are preparing for a possible night of rioting.

German intelligence services estimate that more radical Muslim organizations in Germany to gather about 37,500 members, of whom 80% displayed openly violent tendencies. Concentration, convened under the theme "How to achieve peace in the world", was described by representatives of the City Council as a public insult to the victims of 11-S and many other victims of Islamic terrorism around the world "and" a provocation to the German population.

" The final concentration of this kind took place last month, also under tight security and a clear separation between men and women in the audience. After the conclusion, the guest speaker, Imam Bilal Philips, was expelled from Germany as a representative of a trend that openly calls the death penalty for homosexuals and through an article in the German Aliens Act which indicates expulsion cases "incitement to hatred between groups of the population."

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