Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reach the Italian island of Lampedusa 842 other immigrants from Libya

ROME, May 7 .- Two boats from Libya with 842 illegal immigrants on board arrived on Lampedusa tonight, bringing to 1,900 the number of African migrants have landed in the small Italian island since last Thursday after a truce several days. The first landing of the night took place with the arrival of a boat with 187 immigrants on board, all sub-Saharan origin and among those who were 19 women and a minor, according to reports today the Italian media.

The second and largest, occurred with the arrival on board a vessel of 655 immigrants, also from sub-Saharan origin and among those who were 82 women and 21 minors. Upon arrival the immigrants were taken to the reception center in Lampedusa, with capacity for 850 people and where insulation was placed over the alleged perpetrator of the first boat to reach the island, waiting for the authorities to listen to some testimony .

According to the media, if confirmed, it would be the first time in recent months that the Italian authorities manage to identify the pattern of a boat with illegal immigrants after arriving aboard the same. Furthermore, in the final hours of the Tunisian authorities managed to stop in its territorial waters, another boat with a hundred Tunisians on board illegal and bring her back to port.

Late yesterday afternoon a boat ready by the Italian authorities moved to 1,066 immigrants who were on the island of Lampedusa to Taranto and Manduria, towns in the region of Apulia (southeastern Italy). Tonight's arrivals join the 964 immigrants originating in Libya and Tunisia from the 115 who arrived in Lampedusa since Thursday.

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