Sunday, May 8, 2011

Imprisonment for a nationalist for the murder of two people in Russia

The Moscow court has sentenced Friday to Nikita Tikhonov, an ultra-nationalist 30 years to life imprisonment for the murder of an opposition journalist, Anastasia Baburova, and a lawyer representing anti-fascist activists, Stanislav Markelov. This crime took place in the streets of the capital in 2009, in broad daylight.

It has also been sentenced to 18 years in prison Yevgeniya Khasis, about 25 years for abetting the murder of lawyer Markelov. The sentence has been satisfied prosecutors, who sought life imprisonment for Tikhonov and 20 years in prison for his ally. "The sentence is fair given the crime they committed," has claimed the brother of murdered lawyer.

Prosecutors explain that both Tikhonov and Khasis belonged to a group of ultranationalist movement and committed this attack, "driven by ideology", as these two people were "anti-fascist ideologies."

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