Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The King of Sweden refuses to go to strip clubs and their relationship with a mobster

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on Monday flatly denied the Swedish media reports according to which frequents clubs 'striptease' and has had contacts with organized crime. "No, it is impossible there," replied the head of the Swedish State, asked about the existence of photographs that would show the king before two naked women who recently spoke of a former mobster, Mille Markovic, owner of the club hostess, who said that such images are in his possession.

"It is difficult to comment on anything that has not been seen and no one else has seen," stressed the monarch in an exceptionally long interview with Swedish news agency, TT. The accusations were born of a new book, 'The Swedish Godfather' ('The Godfather Swedish', about the gangster Milan Sevo), which states that the king's friend tried to buy Anders Lettström compromising photos in possession of the owner of the club hostess , for which contacted the bodyguard of Sevo.

A conversation between them was leaked and broadcast on Swedish public radio. Lettström was one of the members of the group of friends, who in two books, Carlos Gustavo visited on several occasions hostess clubs and strip joints. Last week, admitted responsibility and apologized to his "family, friends and (...) the King", which were hurt by his "initiative." The king moved away from Lettström.

The Swedish monarch said he had not spoken with his friend for weeks and stressed that he is master of his actions, but felt "sad" that have contacted "certain criminal groups." The king's appearance on Monday, follows a series of setbacks for the northern royal family, the revelations about the Nazi past of the father of Queen Silvia to the abrupt disengagement of Princess Madeleine.

But the king himself, and his reputation as an unrepentant party girl, who is in the heart of the scandals of recent months. And in a book published in 2010, 'Den Motvilliga Monark' (Monarch reluctantly), Carlos Gustavo, 65, was accused of frequenting nightclubs, parties and debauchery have extramarital affairs, accusations that until now had refused to comment .

But with the new scandal photos, polls have shown that a majority of Swedes is favorable to quickly leave the throne to his eldest daughter, Victoria. A scenario rejected by the sovereign: "It's like a tradition or habit and it will not happen that way," he told TT. That same Monday, the Social Democratic president of the constitutional committee, Sven-Erik Österberg, demanded that the case has legal consequences.

"I'm planning an initiative," said Osterberg. It is "a big problem that nobody can see what happened, nobody knows what is true." Also the opposition Party of the Left want to formally ask the king accounts. In an interview in which the journalist was you-a sign of respect rare in Swedish media, and in which he called "the king", Carlos Gustavo recognized the damage caused to the Swedish monarchy.

"Clearly, my credibility is clearly damaging the credibility of the monarchy and also Sweden. I truly am sorry. But one thing is going to correct and in view of which I will work much harder," he says. During the long interview, Carlos Gustavo appeared several times on the defensive. "No idea, I can not answer.

No idea. In this case there are thousands of people going," he replies when asked how it is possible that several people claim to have seen him at a club in 'striptease' in Atlanta in 1996. Or when asked whether he had gone to places where women are naked or scantily clad. "No, that's not possible.

Is a matter of definition. There are some restaurants where waitresses are few as it more or less dressed. They are not naked. It is clear, but it is a matter of definition," he says. He was also vague in answering whether the party of friends in which was present was common to find girls for company, as they say the books and several Swedish tabloids.

"If you're in a restaurant, if they are different groups or not, and where they come from or what they do, I have no idea, it has nothing to do with me," said Carlos Gustavo, adding that it is not up to you what people invites another host to a party, without answering directly whether the information was true or not.

Coronado in 1973, with his playboy reputation and a lover of sports cars, Carl Gustaf married Silvia in 1976, of German origin. The monarch has three children, Victoria (32 years), Carlos Felipe (32) and Magdalena (28).

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