Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More than 30 people at a bus fell into a pond to the northwest of India

At least 31 passengers, including 12 women, were killed and six others were injured when a bus carrying a wedding procession came to a lake in northeastern India, police said Tuesday. The accident occurred Monday night in the Assam region, giving up a wooden bridge over the bus, carrying 40 people crashed in a lake 12 meters deep, the agency told PTI Police india .

Among the victims are the groom, his parents and three children, the source said, adding that six passengers were rescued and transported to a nearby hospital. Police, assisted by the Army and some locals still early in the morning for possible missing in the lagoon, which has already been removed the bus, which was traveling between the cities of Guwahati and Dihua.

The villagers complained that the National Force in Disaster Rescue arrived late and had to start the search with flashlights, but the agency apologized by saying that their workers lacked night vision equipment. The bridge, according to locals, had no side shields, and five years ago 12 people died in a similar accident.

Road accidents are common in India because of the poor condition of roads and the poor condition of some vehicles, especially buses, which are often overloaded with passengers moving. Tuesday, 13 Indians and 22 foreigners, some from "Spain", according to police, were slightly injured in a collision between a tourist bus they were riding and a truck in the region of Haryana, near New Delhi.

The accident happened at dawn, and the authorities provided jeeps and private cars to those affected, who had left hours before the Alpine town of Dharamsala where the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile. "The foreigners were from different countries, including Russia, Italy, Germany and Spain," the agency told IANS India a police source gave no further details.

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