Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A woman cuts off penis to a neighbor who tried to rape her and takes him to the police

A woman in southern Bangladesh cut off his penis to his neighbor to fend off an attempted rape, according to her, and then carried the severed member as evidence to a police station, said a police spokesman. According to police source, the woman, Monju Begum, married with three children, said he cut the penis of her neighbor, Mazi Mozammel Haq, after he tries to force her into his village, Mirzapur, where they lived next door.

"After he tried to rape her, the woman cut off his penis and brought in a bag to the police station," said police spokesman for the center of the area, Abul Khaer. The incident took place on Sunday night in the town of Mirzapur, located in the district of Jholakathi and about 200 kilometers south of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka.

"Mazi told police that he and Begum were lovers, but we know that this statement is false," said Abul Khaer. The police spokesman confirmed that Mazi, father of three children, is still in the hospital, stating that the arrest when they have "clear evidence of this attack."

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