Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SWITZERLAND - Who wants to applaud Bertrand Cantat?

Comédie de Genève does it allow the musician Bertrand Cantat? Tuesday, May 10, Herve Loichemol, the new director of the institution, told the press that the former leader of Black Desire play this fall in Geneva in women, a show composed of three tragedies of Sophocles and set directed by Wajdi Mouawad.

Since that announcement, personalities were angry about the stage presence of the former companion of Marie Trintignant. They regretted that it could well return to the light, seven years after committing the irreparable night forever blurred. Yes, his crime has shocked and upset, not just fans of the actress.

So should we welcome? Yes, unfortunately yes, it adds. The issue, frankly, beyond the person of Bertrand Cantat and feelings we may have in respect, compassion, pity or aversion. It commits an idea we have of justice, justice that ensures compliance with rules of common life, which distributes punishments proportional to offenses or crimes committed.

This body is the foundation of our democratic societies, in Vilnius and Geneva. Without her triumph over the infernal cycle of revenge, the so-called feud, the fury of bloodshed. In the case of Bertrand Cantat, a court has rendered a verdict. The man paid, he is right now, to reintegrate.

Certainly it could, it should, from the viewpoint of a certain morality, does not meet the demand of the director Wajdi Mouawad, say no to this show, impose a period before reappearing, perhaps be. He preferred to return to the scene, it looks. Fate, and call this set of circumstances, he even wants to return to public life through the tragedy.

It - is its raison d'etre - shows heroes plagued by blindness and demons invincible. In the shadow of The Women, Bertrand Cantat undoubtedly gives meaning to a known hell alone. He tries to do his job, as artist and man. There is no right to stop him. But we are not obliged to applaud.

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