Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Russia bans imports of vegetables from Spain and Germany

Moscow. .- Russia announced a ban from today's vegetable imports from Spain and Germany following the outbreak of an intestinal infection that the German authorities initially blamed a party of Spanish cucumbers. "If the situation does not change, banned all European vegetables," said Gennady Onischenko, Russian medical chief, told Interfax.

According to Germany, the outbreak of a variant of intestinal bacteria E. coli has caused 13 deaths and about 1,200 are affected. "We ask people not to buy fresh vegetables from Germany and Spain. To buy domestic products," said Onischenko, adding it has also been ordered to withdraw from sale all vegetable stocks of these two European countries.

He added that Russian officials have explicitly ordered the Customs to prevent the entry of German and Spanish vegetables in Russia. Earlier, Onischenko noted that the EU had not given any "reasonable explanation" about the outbreak of intestinal infection that is registered in Germany.

Just today, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Andalusian Government has described as "incalculable" damage done by the crisis in the sector cucumber Andalusian Spanish. Andalusian farmers, meanwhile, have offered a public tasting cucumbers to prove they are fit for consumption.

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