Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You hear a loud noise near a reactor core Fukushima

A loud noise was heard outside one of the buildings of a nuclear reactor in Fukushima Japan, damaged after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March. TEPCO has said that the crash was due to damage that occurred in a gas cylinder. "We found that heavy machinery has trapped the gas cylinder and damage has occurred," said TEPCO spokesman, Junichi Matsumoto, in a press conference.

The company explained that despite this incident, there have been no changes in radiation levels and there is no hurt. Coinciding with this event, technicians working in the battered nuclear power plant on Tuesday detected a leak of oil into the sea that could come from tanks located near the reactors, but impact of the leak is "very limited", according to authorities.

It is believed that the leak, detected early Tuesday by workers at TEPCO, now only affects waters between 200 and 300 meters from the coast without going through the rubble in front of the central, local news agency Kyodo. Tepco sources quoted by Kyodo said that the company will install new barriers to prevent spreading.

The spokesman for the Nuclear Security Agency of Japan, Hidehiko Nishiyama, said the impact of this leakage in marine areas beyond the breakwater of the nuclear plant would be far too small. TEPCO believes oil could come from two tanks located near the water inlet of the reactors 5 and 6 of the plant, one of whom was dragged from its original location by the devastating tsunami of March.

Each tank has a capacity of 960 kl, although it is unknown exactly how much oil they contained.

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