Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Massimo Franco, "has begun Berlusconi's farewell"

The political and journalistic Roma last night was a hive of interpretations of the medium-term consequences on the outcome of the elections. Massimo Franco, an analyst with the newspaper Corriere della Sera and author of numerous books on the Italian reality and the Vatican, said the situation for La Vanguardia.

According to Franco, Silvio Berlusconi was the only defeated, but the Northern League has also lost the privileged position they hold thought in their area of influence. As always in Italy, plan many questions about the scenarios that are open, but one thing seems fairly clear: the era Berlusconi is running out because it is not plausible to think, after the debacle at the polls and the results of Milan, Berlusconi again a candidate for prime minister in 2013, assuming that the legislature could be exhausted.

Can we say that today is the beginning of the end of Berlusconi? You could say that today began the post-Berlusconi at Palazzo Chigi (the seat of prime minister), because from their ranks, from his own party are beginning to say that there will be a candidate in 2013. Means that the output has started Silvio Berlusconi's government.

See if they produce in 2013 or earlier. Could a change to the front of the Government without any election? Do you see this scenario possible? This scenario is less far-fetched today than yesterday. Depend largely on the attitude of the allies of Berlusconi. The feeling is that he wants to shield the government but do not know if it will.

Do you think you have lost by mistakes of the campaign, or because the country is tired? Both. The impression is that Berlusconi has not only lost but also to the same extent, the Northern League, for this thought inherit Berlusconi lost votes. But in the end have lost two, Bossi and Berlusconi.

In fact, he has lost the northern axis. What to expect now from the league? How will he react? It is a question because the League was in these elections, an administrative Bossi said: "We in Italy almost in our hands." After this vote, not in your hands or even Milan. It is therefore a question on which depends the fate of Berlusconi.

Until last year the Northern League looked very strong. In my opinion, the League has shown two limits. The first is that costs due in large cities. The League is a strong party in the medium and small municipalities, but has difficulty in large cities. The second is that the League has assisted in the government attitude was a bit schizophrenic.

On the one hand, too loyal to Berlusconi and, second, too critical things like foreign policy. I think this has helped to give a worn-out League. There is also an internal power conflict because as Berlusconi already has joined the People of Freedom (PDL), Bossi has trouble holding together the League as before.

Two leaders in crisis. What role did the economic crisis? You can make a reverse analogy with Spain. Crisis punishes those who govern. The economic crisis has weighed, and if it does anything, it will weigh even more. What should I do? In my view there is a problem of public finances and employment.

This is something that is perceived much. The problem is that now is not the alternative. The alternative that comes out of these elections in the cities is a radical left alternative foreign policy that would create serious problems for Italy. Why do you think that voters have chosen to represent characters not exactly a moderate but fairly radical left? They are two different situations in Milan and Naples.

Milan have chosen a man of the radical left (Giuliano Pisapia), but, personally, is a bourgeois. He is a lawyer known. There has been, above all, fatigue with the center-right. The electorate wanted change. And in Naples? Naples is different. In Naples there was a vote against the ruling class of center and center, because Luigi De Magistris has managed to appear as detached from the left, which gave his party's support in these years.

So it's been a very strong vote of breaking what they call "the single party government spending." Turning to the possible scenarios, "now sees more possibilities for a replacement as head of government with someone like Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti? Look at how relations evolve between Berlusconi and the League.

It is theoretically possible, but remember that the League has also lost and Berlusconi's party, the LDP has a big problem in the south of the country, not only in the north. So I think everything is open.

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