Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A song to 'forget' the bullets in a nursery in Mexico

Monterrey. .- A Mexican teacher did with a song that the children in their care to "forget" the intense exchange of fire with heavy weapons that was happening near the center, located in the city of Monterrey, a performance for which he was recognized today as official. "I feel very proud, especially of children.

They gave me the courage and the courage to act as he did," said Martha Rivera after receiving a plaque from Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, governor of Nuevo Leon state bordering United States, whose capital is Monterrey. The authorities of the northern Mexican state's teacher recognized his valor and courage in implementing last Friday "security protocols correct," but Martha Rivera had already received many expressions of admiration.

The story became known last weekend after a friend of the teacher to go up to a YouTube video that sees a group of children lying on the floor while their teacher sings and asks them to stay low while background heard bursts of guns. Rivera, who recorded the video with your mobile phone, said she was very afraid when they heard the roar of heavy weapons to barely two blocks from the nursery, in the neighborhood of the Estanzuela, south of Monterrey.

In the shooting deaths of five people, four of them "taxi pirates" who were suspected of organized crime informants. Rivera explained that it is responsible for implementing the security protocols implemented in 2010 the Ministry of Education, which instructed the teachers on what to do in dangerous situations in schools.

"I recorded the video to be evidence, and so we are asked our superiors to oversee the security protocols," said the teacher. The video has been played on every major television network in Mexico and has had great success in social networks, through which the teacher received numerous messages of admiration and respect for their actions during the shooting.

"With the song I wanted to forget the sound of gunfire," said Rivera, who does not appear in the video but has more than 2,200 followers on his Twitter account. "I did not become famous or recognized, only found me at the time and with adequate intelligence to show our reality," Rivera said through social networks.

Since March 2010 Monterrey is the scene of clashes between members of the Gulf cartel and the Zetas have killed more than 1,200 violent deaths to date. This week in three incidents in the Monterrey metropolitan area killed 17 people and injured several others, including a five year old girl.

Since July last year the government of Nuevo León began offering training courses to thousands of teachers so they know how to react to shootings that may occur both in schools and in their vicinity.

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