Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UNITED STATES - The New York Times parody

The Final Edition, a parody site of the New York Times, which commemorates the supposed death of the famous New York daily, was launched May 11, annoncePolitico. Led by the former editor of the monthly satirical magazine Spy, Tony Hendra, the new site looks just like the original, but suffers from a "clear lack of reporters and, therefore, reports," can be read on the site.

The image of A, accompanied by an article titled "The owners have set fire to the building to recover the insurance money," shows the building of the New York Times, built at great expense in flames. There are also articles delusional, one of them announcing that the Pope is preparing to reopen the trial of Galileo.

"Our project is to extract the real absurdity of what he has. Parody The New York Times acts like a booster rocket and should quickly disappear, leaving room for final The Final Edition, "said Tony Hendra. The satirist is not his first attempt. "To his credit, many parodies as Not the New York Times and Off the Wall Street Journal, or a fake documentary about a heavy metal band, This is Spinal Tap," recalls Politico.

Tony Hendra was also editor of National Lampoon, a humor magazine. In his list of contributors, there are many celebrities, including former director of the satirical program The Daily Show, Steve Bedow. "

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