Tuesday, May 31, 2011

YEMEN - A country on the brink of civil war

"The uprising in Yemen takes a dramatic turn", as the Emirates daily. "Members of some of the most powerful Yemeni tribes and heading for the capital to protect the demonstrators come from attacks by troops loyal to President Saleh," he recounts. "Their initiative marks an escalation in anti-government protests, which many fear it could lead to civil war." Since Wednesday, May 11, 19 demonstrators were killed by security forces, including Bayda and Taiz, two cities south of Sanaa.

And on May 11 evening, 25 soldiers were wounded after gunfire had been exchanged between factions of the military pro-and anti-Saleh. "This is the first time that soldiers clashed with each other since the protests began in January," said the newspaper, which calls it "one more sign that the conflict could degenerate into chaos." On 13 May a new day of action is expected in Sanaa.

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