Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yemen is experiencing a bloody night that caused several casualties

Taiz (Yemen). .- At least three demonstrators were killed in the Yemeni city of Taiz shot by police and military to dissolve a political protest, told Efe opposition sources. The demonstration in Taiz, the main industrial center in southern Yemen, wanted to press for the resignation of the president Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose output power is asking the opposition since late January.

According could verify Efe, military police and Republican Guards fired on hundreds of people involved in the protest on the streets of Gamal Abdel Nasser and other adjacent places. Since last Sunday the city of Taiz is the scene of escalating protests against Saleh's regime as part of political protests taking place elsewhere in the country, including the capital, Sanaa.

Eyewitnesses told Efe that in today's protest in Taiz demonstrators used stones and garbage cans to place barricades to prevent the arrival of police vehicles and army to places where they congregate. The opposition had called for marches in different parts of the city to the square of Al Huriya (La Libertad) in the center of Taiz and which broke last Sunday security forces to disperse thousands of protesters who had camped since last February.

In this operation on the plaza, which stretched from Sunday night until early Monday, security forces used riot gear and ammunition, which killed at least fourteen dead and over 150 wounded, medics said. In Sanaa, meanwhile, the truce that held since last Thursday Saleh loyalists and the influential tribal leader, Sadeq Abdullah al-Ahmar was broken last night in renewed fighting that erupted on May 23 at the Al Hasbara.

Al Ahmar and his close relatives have joined the opposition forces. Both in the complex where they live in and around the family maintains a militia that is resisting harassment of Yemeni security forces. Fawzi al Garadi representing the brothers Al Ahmar, told Efe that the security forces returned to bomb the house of Al Ahmar with different types of weapons and break the truce reached last Thursday between the sheik and the Government.

In response, the militia loyal to al-Ahmar last night to regain control of the headquarters of the Ministry of Local Government and the ruling General People's Congress, in the Al Hasbara, who had remained on dates prior and then abandoned. The clashes between the militia of Al Ahmar and security forces erupted after President Saleh for the third time refused to sign an initiative by the Gulf Cooperation Council to transfer power to Vice President.

The tension in Sana'a and other cities is increasing with the times and gain weight to fears that the country is on the brink of civil war. Witnesses in the capital said by telephone Efe that U.S. troops deployed its Marines around the complex where the U.S. embassy to secure the position.

United States asked its citizens to leave Yemen as soon as possible and decided to keep its embassy in Sanaa on minimal staff.

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