Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Putin gives drivers a year without ITV

For much of the Russians, hell comes once a year and seems to roadworthiness of vehicles. When the fateful day approaches, we must be prepared for long lines if you do not want to pay a bribe to alleviate widespread, yes, evil drink. Millions of sufferers, however, be spared from this predicament in the remainder of 2011 due to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

A decree of the Government extends twelve months the validity of certificates. Putin's gift, which takes effect this week, comes seven months after the elections to the Duma. In addition, there are presidential elections in March 2012. Russian Prime Minister has undertaken to promote his party, United Russia, weakened in recent regional elections, with the creation of a Popular Front.

Moreover, Putin has not yet revealed whether it will be the presidential candidate in next year or if it will support the current president, Dimitri Medvedev. The question will continue until, as both have said, decide together who will be the official candidate. Vladimir Putin was Russian president from 2000 to 2008, the year he left the Kremlin under the Constitution and promoted Medvedev as his replacement.

But, beyond electoral reasons, to the Government's decision has also helped the desperation of the Russians. This year the authorities began to send messages against the abuses of the traffic inspection and advised that the bribes were going to finish. Buy a certificate in Moscow last year could cost between 80 and 150 euros, according to Sergey Kanáyev, who heads the Federation of Vehicle Ownership in Russia.

But the price was multiplied when he felt that the Government would close the tap. And that happened while slowly coming spring, in April and May when the Russians take their vehicles in the garage where they have hibernated for taking the path of the dacha. In April, the queues of vehicles at this sui generis ITV reached levels never seen before.

There were people who spent several days in one of the 75 inspections in Moscow before the announcement that official rates were to increase by 35% from July. "We must remove the system entirely," Medvedev said. The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, fired the head of the inspection in Moscow.

And the prosecutor began investigating possible violations of the rights of motorists. "This has coincided with the fight against corruption. Now the inspectors have applied the rules to the letter and the inspection takes three or four days, "explained Kanáyev. The procedure and bribery has accentuated rogue drivers.

No wonder you insert a pocket calendar on the windshield, much like the certificate of inspection, to mislead thousands of traffic police who, like birds of ill omen, waiting for their chance at the edge of the streets and highways Russian .

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