Tuesday, May 10, 2011

COLOMBIA - Football clubs payers will be punished

Late payment is a widespread evil in Colombian football. Of the 18 clubs that make up the first division, eight are threatened with sanctions for this reason that the current championship leader Once Caldas, reported the newspaper El Espectador. One of them, Deportes Quindio, has even been suspended by the Colombian Institute of Sports (Coldeportes), for 30 days.

"If a club has no money to pay the salaries of its players, it really has no reason to be there," said Vice-President of Colombia. Several clubs have delays in payment, up to eleven months. This week the government launched a procedure to find the deadbeat Colombian football. A match causes this awareness: April 10, the Deportes Quindio was largely defeated by the team Millionarios of Bogota (5 goals to 0).

That evening, professional players on strike, had been replaced by youth team.

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