Tuesday, May 10, 2011

US-Pakistan was informed 15 minutes before the operation against Bin Laden

Pakistani Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, was informed of the U.S. operation killed Osama bin Laden "a quarter of an hour before the beginning", as he himself told the al-Arabiya. "I was briefed on the operation 15 minutes before its start, but they were absolutely discarded to achieve the goal," he said in an interview with the station in Jeddah.

It is expected that Pakistan's Prime Minister in Parliament to clarify the U.S. operation, while Washington and the Pakistani opposition accused authorities of both incompetence and complicity by the presence of al Qaeda in the country, who might have been there seven years. "I was informed first of the fall of an unmanned aircraft" involved in the operation, added the minister, who has emphasized that there are "ongoing cooperation in security matters" between the U.S.

and Pakistan. Washington, for which Islamabad is a key ally in its "war on terror 'since late 2001, said in turn that the Pakistani authorities were not informed of the raid, for fear of leakage. The leader of al Qaeda was shot last May 2 at his mansion in Abbottabad, a town about 50 kilometers from the Pakistani capital of Pakistani military truffle.

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