Tuesday, May 10, 2011

France denies that its aircraft carrier to aid shipwrecked Africans denied

Paris. .- France today flatly denied that its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle refused aid by the end of March in the Mediterranean to a damaged ship wreck in which 61 died inmigrantesindocumentados from Libya. The "Charles de Gaulle" was not in the zone of the Mediterranean where the wreck took place, told Efe the spokesman of the Army, Thierry Burkhard.

Burkhard Colonel flatly denied the claim of the British newspaper "The Guardian" that the carrier was seen at sea for survivors and not succor them was the French "Charles de Gaulle." It is a "false", the aircraft carrier "was never in that area, never found migrants in distress," stressed the spokesman.

"It hurts to think that not rescuing French sailors shipwrecked in trouble," he added. "The Guardian" reported today that survived only 11 of the 72 African immigrants in the damaged ship attempting to reach the Italian island of Lampedusa, although the vessels had been spotted by European military and NATO, whose crews were not succored.

According to NATO spokesman, Carmen Romero, claims that allegedly allied ships will not help immigrants in danger were "wrong", partly because only one of its ships was on duty at that time more than 100 miles nautical place. "The Guardian" cited as the source of his article the statements of the survivors.

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