Tuesday, May 10, 2011

YEMEN - Mr. President, please, go away!

Seeing the young man walking barefoot in the cold night of Sanaa, I felt a mixture of admiration and pity. I approached him to say he might get sick. This made him laugh. He looks at her from head to toe, then told me that my fear was that of someone who has been spoiled by the city. He said that a terse tone that impressed me.

The next day he was still there and he told his comrades to our exchange, which had a great time to me. A similar story happened to a nearby neighborhood. He said he had stopped trying to engage them in conversation. "It is useless." The urban district, become a minority, will include a hint.

Sometimes a simple glance is enough to express how they feel about those young people who camped in the streets, armed with guns, sticks and daggers, saying that it is to "protect the capital" - and "for President "through which they have enough to storm the cafes and shops in the area.

This president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, took advantage of their ignorance and misery for them to come to town, where they constitute a time bomb. He governs by playing against each other. This president has begun to address its "great people" only when he felt his throne staggering under the blows of the young revolutionaries who protest peacefully, chanting: "Get out!" Ali Abdullah Saleh obliges people to live in constant fear.

The fear of bandits, mafia groups, experts in the art of extortion of wealth. And with that, he, his family and his clan claim to embody the state, stability, law, legality ... This president does not respect human rights, neither the law nor his own word. To him we think every time a car without license plates moving at speed or slow down without being able to see behind the tinted windows, or take a street in the opposite direction without worrying about police, or out of the lights and sirens sounded that scare passers-by, or is driven by a drunk kid who rides on the display of vendors.

He transformed the people bunch of subjects that look with suspicion at airports around the world because Yemen is exporting labeled as terrorist Al-Qaeda. This president, was no longer welcome in Yemen. It would however welcome him go without further and persist without committing new crimes.

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