Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Irony - The Colonel inexhaustible subject of cartoons

Gaddafi is a rat, a monkey and even a snake horn hooks bloodied. He was thrown into a dustbin labeled "History". It was stuffed into an old army boots. He was dressed as Superman with the $ symbol in place of S. It was larded with bayonets by a mob of angry matrons. That's six weeks qu'Akram Mohammed, a trader of 30 years who has been drawing since the age of 6 years, put their heart's content against Gaddafi, signing his works named Kimo.

"Draw now, it's part of the struggle. We could not do that before, except in private. You could just show our drawings to our close friends, and still never be sure that nobody would say anything and we would not be arrested. "Terminate the personality cult surrounding Colonel Gaddafi is an objective of the Libyan revolution.

It is a front on which the revolutionaries do not retreat. The uprising in the east began with an unprecedented wave of protests that have accompanied an explosion of graffiti, slogans and posters expressing all that we had never dared to say so far. "Gaddafi we greatly simplify the task," admitted Muhammad.

The colonel is a subject of endless cartoons. "Just look: a face, the clothes, the hairstyle. It is a pleasure to ridicule. "Every day he went into the media center administrative offices to cheer his countrymen with his drawings. "Can not run out of ideas. Mostly, I take the same about Gaddafi.

He described the rebel vermin, once I've drawn in rats. It is the most popular image. I'm sure he feels offended and insulted. It is the goal. For a long time the world is laughing at him, but we were not allowed. "With a smile feverish, Mohammed Gaddafi to draw a clown wig topped with a tiny cap.

In legend, he wrote: "What fun!"

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