Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Berlusconi calls for a commission of inquiry to the Italian judiciary

Silvio Berlusconi has accustomed us to its fierce attacks against judges. But Italian Prime Minister today took another step in the war for more than 15 years maintained against the judiciary, this morning announced that his party would soon request the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate whether any of the judges " there is a conspiracy.

" In short: if judges are gangsters who are unjustly persecuting 'Il Cavaliere' knowing that he is innocent and purely political. Berlusconi has been off the hook with the news just the day in Italy is reminiscent of the judges victims of terrorism and political mafia. And not only that: it has been released from the judges during a break from 'process Mills', in which the Italian prime minister is accused of having bribed with $ 600,000 to British lawyer David Mills in exchange for false testimony in his favor in a couple of processes that ended up being acquitted.

"The judges that I investigate are the same," said 'Il Cavaliere', who has always maintained that there is a plot of the judiciary against it. "On 24 occasions, prosecutors in Milan I have directed accusations, in my opinion trying to use the law as a weapon against those who consider their political adversary.

And do not hesitate to finish ensuring that prosecutors in Milan is a" cancer of democracy ". Italian Prime Minister has described the judges as a "cancer of democracy", one of his toughest references to the judiciary to appear Monday in one of the four trials that are still against him.

Berlusconi, however, has refused to talk about the 'process Mills', one of the four that is open right now and this morning was first introduced. If so, however, with his good friend and journalist Bruno Vespa, who is about to publish a book in which the Italian prime minister says he does not remember David Mills never met, let alone pay him 600,000 euros to change lie in their judgments.

"I have to go to court as a matter surreal one episode that I have no knowledge, related to a person who never met, a certain Mills, and an alleged fact, which goes back 16 years ago. As Prime Minister I was subjected to this humiliation, "he reveals in the book of Vespa, according to an extract made public today.

However, two Italian courts have ruled that David Mills was bribed by Silvio Berlusconi by paying $ 600,000 in exchange for false testimony in his favor. British lawyer, husband of former British minister Tessa Jowell, only escaped conviction by ruling the Supreme Court that the crime had expired.

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