Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fewer tanks and more troops on the Day of Victory over Nazism

Moscow has held this Monday on the Day of Victory over Nazism with a deployment of 20,000 troops, tanks T-90, S-400 missile systems and imposing Topol-M intercontinental missiles that shook the cobblestones of Red Square. However, combat aircraft, the truck of veterans and other years the sun retreated this time and did an appearance in the big parade.

In the 66 th anniversary of the Nazi capitulation, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated veterans octogenarians who populated the stands in Red Square, many accompanied by their grandchildren and great grandchildren, one day he called "the festival's most sacred Russia ". If during the last decade the Russian President (Vladimir Putin a position he held from 2000 to 2008) used to take the address of the Victory Day to launch the odd 'misilazo' verbal to the Bush administration on Monday Medvedev stressed "preserve peace achieved as a result of victory "and congratulated the coalition allies of Hitler, told a year ago with foot soldiers marching through Red Square.

The large deployment of heavy weapons in the parade last year, when 127 fighters and 159 military vehicles traveled across the Red Square in the 65 th anniversary of the victory, dwarfed staging on Monday, which was laid at fault formations of fighters (only five Mi-8 helicopter was forced to look to the sky) and the historic T-34 who fought in World War II and the traditional truck war veterans on board.

It was a more humane fashion in the quantitative sense of the word: 20,000 troops (almost double last year), all wearing berets and uniforms of a new type, who crossed the Red Square steadily amid the orchestrated fanfare 1,500 musicians. The clouds marched alongside the soldiers on a Red Square during the Cold War was used as a showcase of Soviet arsenals.

With the fall of the USSR, Moscow removed heavy weapons from the parades, a tradition that recovered in 2008. "It was a fantastic parade. These stops should organize mandatory not only in our country but all countries that won," said a ELMUNDO. is Nikolai, a veteran of 85 years, and finished the parade through Red Square with a slow but steady, with the front-plated medal.

In previous years, Mayor Yuri Luzhkov (supplanted this year by Sergei Sobianin) used to ensure sunny skies on the Day of Victory through the 'bombardment' of the clouds with chemicals dispersed by aircraft. Monday morning was gray, but rain made an appearance not unlike what happened in the first Victory Parade was organized by Stalin in 1945.

Then they had to throw sand and sawdust on the pavement to avoid slipping horses, including the white stallion whose spines appeared Marshal Georgi Zhukov, who led the Red Army's victory.

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