Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UNUSUAL - The great love fancy version

With its oval sapphire eighteen carat set with fourteen diamonds engagement ring for Kate Middleton drool your sweetheart. Do not stingy: split up a replica of the royal jewels. The bauble the British princess is estimated at 28,000 pounds (32,000 euros)? His copy will cost you $ 3 (just over 2 euros) [on chinamingwang.

cn]. Okay, you'll zirconium instead of sapphire and paste as a diamond, but at that price we will not be choosy. In fact, ensures the China Daily, the small model has a wild success. Its manufacturer, the jeweler Mingwang Chinese Zhou, awash in orders. Prudent, entrepreneur has introduced "tiny changes" in the crimping, said the Xinmin Wanbao: no question of being accused of infringement.

This reply you interested in? This award is a friend of wholesale prices, valid from 36 copies. Notice to fickle lovers and foresight.

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