Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ecuador votes for the ban on bullfighting

This Saturday is held new elections in Ecuador. The Government proposed ten questions (five amending the Constitution and five on various topics) for the public to give its approval or not the government's proposals. The heart of the matter lay in giving or not the government led by Rafael Correa the power to lead a process of profound renewal of the judiciary, public sector perhaps the most retarded, most accused of corruption and less trust from the public.

With 50% of the votes counted by the National Electoral Council (CNE), the results of the referendum drafted by three polling account for an overwhelming victory of the National Government's proposals, which have reached an average of 50% approval in each and every one of the 10 questions, and in 18 of the 24 provinces.

The electoral process involves four questions about reforms to the judiciary, two questions about regulations and controls on media and banking, one on illicit enrichment, one of the casinos and gambling, one on the bull bulls and a criminal offense to convert on non-membership of social security employees.

The court of all questions is progressive and President Rafael Correa has scored a huge victory that vindicates his popularity above 60% in nine of the ten questions. Except for the number eight, on the prohibition of bullfighting. The opposition, meanwhile, sprayed more than 20 actors (many of which reach only provincial) was again defeated at the polls.

With this process, Correa accumulated an unbeaten 6-0 since taking over the Presidency of the Republic, in January 2007. From these results, the Feria de Toros Jesus del Gran Poder, Quito, one of the most famous of America will never be the scene of the death of animals, but the rest of the fiesta brava force can be maintained.

( The texts of the questions of the electoral process and official results in nos. gov. ec.)

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