Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Syrian army besieged a neighborhood of Damascus

Light in the Syrian capital on Monday to the sound of the bullets of the army. The Muadhamiya district, southwest of Damascus, has been surrounded by soldiers, reports the BBC, which states that he was suffering intense gunfire. Witnesses said the army opted for precision shooters on the roofs of several houses in the locality.

Human rights activists have confirmed this information, stating that a great black cloud covered the area, which has electricity and phone lines cut. Along with the attack on this part of the capital, President Bashar Assad sent more tanks this morning to the third-largest city, Homs, according to Reuters, recalling that and are seven weeks since I started the "Arab spring 'in the country.

Syrians protesters demand political freedom and an end to corruption. The peaceful demonstrations have been suppressed by fire and sword by the regime and feared dead and 800 are. The Syrian army has encircled another town where there were demonstrations, as reported on Monday opposing the regime of President Bashar Assad.

According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, 631 civilians and 120 members of the security forces have been killed since protests erupted in the country in mid-March. Several Syrian opposition groups on Monday denounced the continued detention of civilians in cities across the country including Dera, besieged by the army since 25 April.

The opposition group 'Flash' reported on its website on Facebook that at least ten people were arrested in the city of Al Tabqa in the province of Al Raqqa, northeast of Damascus. In the Rif Dimashq province, bordering Syria, the arrests also continue in a "chaotic" in the village of Al Muazamiya while there and hear gunshots in the village of Daria.

In the southern city of Dera, near the Jordanian border, army tanks and security forces are still deployed, according to the opposition network 'Sham'. Dera is isolated from the troops besieged the city, but on Monday 'Sham' has reported that in some neighborhoods telephone communications have begun to function.

The group says that many shops have been looted and electricity services and water are still cut in some parts of Dera.

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