Tuesday, May 10, 2011

POINT OF VIEW - The European Union has a policy of immigration aberrant

The EU pursues a security policy and considers the sea as his ally. Frontex protect its borders by means of radars and satellites, helicopters and boats that discharge the boats of refugees. This policy is seen as a success if no migrant (or almost) reaches Europe. Aside from charities, no one wondered about the means used to get there.

The EU protects refugees as if they were terrorists and treat them as such. Whoever reached Lampedusa is not "merit pay" but returned as an enemy of our prosperity, which "can not accommodate all the misery of the world". Europe is "an area of freedom, security and justice", certainly, but only for those already living there.

Previously, we talked about boat people. This benevolent expression has been reserved for Vietnamese - few - gathered in the China Sea and quotas in Europe. Refugees from North Africa, however, are very numerous. That's why they do not receive any help (or minimal). Be humane would give a wrong signal, they say.

Better to show himself inhuman. But a policy against illegal immigration requires a dose of legal immigration. Otherwise, especially if you do not try to improve living conditions in countries of origin, are the smugglers themselves who make the law. It may well be lamenting their contempt for human life, and they are given every opportunity to thrive.

Yet there is a way to improve the situation in the country of origin: fair play. As the European butter is cheaper than the local butter in Morocco, as the French poultry cheaper than local poultry in Niger, as the floating plants will fish anything that moves, Africa will see the exodus.

European subsidies create reasons to flee, and the political confusion in the country of origin does the rest. Nothing serves up walls or install transit camps on the coast. This is only maintaining the illusion that we can continue to subsidize the export of food products in Europe and we are not obliged to share the wealth of Europe.

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