Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes, I like women so what?

Sent to prison like a common criminal, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (aka DSK) has seen in a few hours have dropped their aspirations for the French presidency. The sexual assault charge filed by a waitress at the hotel where he stayed has revived the darker side of the French socialist, one of the most talented politicians of his generation, but also a man with sulphurous reputation in their relationships with women .

Expression tired and unshaven beard ... The image of the International Monetary Fund director, 62, in his appearance Monday at a New York court him away from the presidential race, a candidate who her friends were preparing since his departure to Washington to drive the IMF in 2007. His talent as an economist had become a socialist favorite for the 2012 French presidential elections, the man many compatriots, according to polls, seen as the right candidate to solve the great evils of society gala.

However, the scandal in New York has revived a darker side of his personality. Rumors were running in Paris for years. Several books, several television programs were mentioned more or less directly to women who had been touted by DSK. During his appointment to the IMF, a reporter had noticed in his blog: "The only real problem with Strauss-Kahn is his relationship with women.

Very insistent, often bordering on harassment. A defect known by the media, but nobody talks about it (we are in France), "wrote Jean Quatremer of Libération. In the book Sexus Politicus', Christophe Dubois described in turn as a man" intended to seduction , where it becomes an obsession.

"The first warning, much less serious of the charges for which he is accused now-took place in October 2008. An extramarital affair with a Hungarian economist of the IMF, from whom he was the direct superior. Finally, the scandal cost him his job. After the accusations of the New York waitress, the young journalist gala Tristano Banon has claimed that she suffered a very similar incident in 2007 when he met the socialist France.

"I put the recorder to start up soon. He asked me cogiera hand because I had to confess was very intimate, which I agreed. After the hand came the arm, then something else, so I told him to stop ... It ended in a very violent, because I repeated clearly, no, no. We fight on the floor, gave him a couple of slaps and kicks up, but he broke my bra and tried to get my jeans, "she complained in 2007 Banon, though without naming the politician who had assaulted him.

Now, clarified that was DSK. Its most valuable ally was his wife, Anne Sinclair, who married his third wife in 1991. Former journalist, television star gala, Sinclair said the couple had "moved on" after the "adventure of an afternoon" in 2008, referring to the 'affaire Nagy. " "We want as the first day," he said.

A day after his arrest, Anne Sinclair flew back to the aid of DSK. "I do not think for a second the charges made against my husband. No doubt his innocence will be established." In France, had begun to criticize the lifestyle that brought him and his wife, before the imminent presidential race.

After his fall in 2006 before primary socialist Segolene Royale, DSK was relaunched following its success at the head of the IMF and had quickly become the main rival of President Nicolas Sarkozy Gallo 2012, thanks to its moderate socialist label, classified to the right of his party. Strauss-Khan himself had recognized weaknesses Libération his candidacy for the Elysée in a conversation last day 28 and released on Monday: "Money, women and Jew." "Yes, I like women so what?".

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