Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scandals and crimes

Only when the facts will clarify what really happened on that fateful room Sofitel Hotel 2806 Manhattan, we know if this is a big deal out of a powerful personage or talk about a crime to be tried by U.S. law. Be careful, in the United States are not jokes, Nicholas Sarkozy said Dominique Strauss-Kahn as managing director to propose the International Monetary Fund.

In continental Europe we tend to keep a fine line of responsibility between public and private acts, so that a celebrity or famous can get away with a scandal in the U.S. or England would be considered a crime. It is unthinkable that Berlusconi's misdeeds, published and supported by explicit videos, have not been finished years ago his political career in the U.S..

Many political careers in the UK have been dashed by a simple sentimental affair. The Profumo case brought down the Macmillan government to aerate the defense minister a relationship with a cabaret that was regularly a Soviet spy. In France the public domain was double love life of President Mitterrand.

Only when he decided, was published the photograph of his illegitimate daughter, Mazarine Pingeot, which appeared in the official mourning for the state funeral on the death of president. The French agreed with some complacency that double personal lives of its chairman for fourteen years with Mitterrand exhibit coffin.

Not go into inquiries about similar situations in our country, which is usually resorted to all kinds of influences to cover not only attitudes that could be cause for scandal, but also constitute a crime. In continental Europe apply a generous leeway to cover the attitudes of the human condition of public servants.

I do not know if European culture is better or worse than the Anglo-Saxon in these delicate issues. What I should have known Strauss-Khan, if the allegations are true, they have much economic or political power in America is not equivalent to having an open bar for abuse in this case, the luxury hotel maid.

The European policy today has to know, in any case, that his private life just to have a public impact.

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