Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The difficult decisions the day after

"It will be a morning after, if we overcome this night. We have an opportunity to find the sunshine. Let's keep looking together that light," Maureen McGovern sang in 1972 on 'The Morning After'. The issue had been composed for the film 'The Poseidon Adventure "and in 1972 won the Oscar for Best Original Song, coming to prove that a completely unknown vocalist, by profession a secretary, could well win the jackpot if the industry had chorus hook.

Meets at noon today at its headquarters in the rue Solferino Paris the French Socialist Party leadership. On the morning after Judge Jackson has sent to remand to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, its most outstanding fellow socialists organized a conclave to assess the damage and take appropriate decisions.

The standard meeting was scheduled for Wednesday morning and Martine Aubry, the first secretary, was not even going to attend because it coincided with a promotional trip to Bordeaux. But the DSK affaire changes everything. Probably the barons of the French left unaware of the seventies song and the story of unexpected triumph, and self-funded, the Secretary Maureen McGovern, but would do well to commend the heroic spirit of The Morning After, a hopeful anthem designed for the first major film catastrophes, which laid the roots, at the time, gender of a prosperous Hollywood.

As a reference, it should be noted that only 12 months are missing for the presidential elections of 2012 and galas, without even officially announced his candidacy, the alleged harasser was DSK, with 46%, the highest rated candidate for the polls. On 13 July deadline to present a socialist primary of which is to leave the party's candidate for head of state.

Only 58 days to decide what to do and how to explain it to the socialists and the people of France. Now more than ever, the PS must disclose as Martine Aubry said Sunday, "decency and unity." Spurred by polls, the left gala dreaming these days to repeat the victory of Mitterrand on May 11, 1981, when he became the first socialist president of the Fifth Republic.

Three decades later, with all in favor to green laurels, the obsession with his best lap of the PS candidate would leave the gates of heaven. How to cope with adversity so great? That is going to speak at length in the conclave of Nationale Bureau this afternoon. "Delaying the primaries? Advocate "is only one candidate? "Removed a candidate from a hat? These are options that are weighed in the gossip socialists.

The pact called Marrakesh, DSK and Aubry agreed not to compete among themselves for the nomination or, in any case, they would form teams. Now that the IMF chief is out of play, the core of the PS first secretary required to assume its responsibility as party leader. But with a widely popular only 19%, there are many other candidates that are looming on the horizon.

Here are the highlights. (1950, Paris). BA in Economics. Daughter of Jacques Delors, the socialist minister and president of the European Commission 80. He held several positions and even a minister in the Mitterrand era and was spokesman for Jospin. Today acts as mayor of Lille and first secretary of the PS.

Married twice. Orthodox socialist, the usual committee drafting the ideological agendas of the PS, has a reputation for hard and even unpleasant, but also determination, firmness and rigor. Has many followers in the party, but slipping in the polls. (1953, Dakar-Senegal). Economist, lawyer and graduate of the ENA.

Elisha was nominated in 2007 but lost in the second round to Nicolas Sarkozy. Today is president of the regional council of Poitou-Charentes. Never been married, but has four children with his fellow party, François Hollande. Defending gay marriage and other proposals advanced in the PS compared with Rodriguez Zapatero, who is quite friendly.

Despite its excellent image, is marked by its defeat by Sarko. They say their time spent, but she insists ... (1954, Rouen). Son of a doctor, law degree, a graduate of the ENA in the same promotion as Royal, where the two met. Between 1984 and 1992, had four children without being married Segolène.

They split the night she lost the presidential election. Judge of the Court of Auditors, European deputy, mayor of Tulle, regional chairman of Corrèze. His political career has always been up at the same time discreet. DSK shares with the social democratic model, with a profile outside the luxury and Mujeri.

For months non-stop rising in the polls. Reluctant to stand for the primaries, now may be decided. Some analysts consider it the best bet of PS 2012. (Barcelona, 1962). Catalan French citizen in 1982. Journalist grandson, the son of an artist, a degree in history, fan of Barca, a socialist from the 17 year-old former Freemason, divorced father of four children, Ardèche deputy mayor of Evry.

Many of his classmates at PS heeled consider him something right for his ideas on economy, taxes, retirement and public policy. DSK was the favorite to eventually take the portfolio of Interior, had reached the Elysee. Although yet to be widely known by the public, has a great future ahead.

But perhaps this is not the time ... Does it? (1962, Clamecy). Son of a tax official and writer, studied law but did not pass the entrance examination to ENA. He has practiced law in many cases defending the citizen against the government. Deputy for the Saône, regional chairman of Saône-et-Loire, father of two separate, currently has a relationship with TV presenter Audrey Pulvar Martinique origin.

Royal has supported either and Aubry, but always with a spirit outsider and a tad populist speech that has not won the sympathy of the device. He's young, passionate, something big mouth. Yet to be loved and ¬-most important-to be respected. (1950, Tunis). Son of pieds noirs, a student of Law and Economics, part of the municipal council of Paris since 1977, has been a senator and was elected mayor in 2001, without being a popular character, because the right wing had two candidates faced.

In 2008, Street won reelection. They say they vote to the Conservatives, unhappy with the way it manages the capital. And that, in 1999, Delanoë went down in history as the first French politician declaring their homosexuality. In 2002, it was altitude sickness during the festivities of La Nuit Blanche by a homophobic unbalanced.

The Elysée Palace has always tempted and, at the outbreak of the DSK affair has leaked that he would be willing to sacrifice for the party. You can be the great coat of PS.

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