Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UNITED STATES - It does not "poke" not President on Facebook!

Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have updated their Facebook status: they are "related". "Sorry, I'm a little nervous," confessed the founder of Facebook to the crowd came to witness the launching of the meeting that his company is organized with the White House. We have here the President of the United States! " As for Obama, took the stage to loud applause from facebookers, he was amazed to be greeted at the headquarters of Internet giant, in Palo Alto [California].

"My name is Barack Obama, and it was I who forced Mark to wear a jacket and tie," he said. Obama likes Facebook. Facebook and loves Obama. The appearance of Obama in Palo Alto led by lending the presidential seal on Facebook, a sign that this society, with its phenomenal growth, is now recognized by Washington as a major player in the economy.

In return, the imprimatur of Facebook allows Obama to improve its image among young voters, at a time when the campaign begins his re-election. The Social Network, the film based on Facebook, was screened in the Air Force One when Obama went to Palo Alto, April 20. "As you all know, since the first presidential campaign [Obama], we look very closely to social networks," recalled Jay Carney, spokesman for the White House, told reporters on board.

One of them asked if Obama's visit to the headquarters of Facebook could "be interpreted as a desire to promote Facebook. "Absolutely not, said Carney, before somehow promoting the social network. I mean, Facebook has a half billion users ... It's beyond imagination." Of these 500 million users, slightly less than 45,000 came to "assist" at the appointed hour, the session of questions and answers.

They might have been more so, to register, they did not have to click a button marked "I like the White House." "Did you know that you had to love 'page of the White House to attend this event?", Commented one user on the page of the meeting. I find it difficult to love anything in this house White.

" But, at the headquarters of Facebook, I liked Obama without ulterior motives. "Since it is one of the most popular (19 million fans) on Facebook, we feel it is at home," says Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of the company. So, welcome home Mr. President. " Sandberg and to add a playful tone: "Even if it's Facebook, it does not 'poker' Chair" [poke is a function of Facebook, which attracts the attention of the visitor, but the word also means to poke attack].

This rule was strictly observed. Among the questions submitted by Internet users, there was particular "Mr. President, why do you hate Americans so much?" or "Show us your birth certificate." But Zuckerberg has selected more moderate issues, most of which are made by employees of Facebook, which served the soup to Obama.

When the president announced that the rich would have to pay more under his new budget plan, his guest did not find anything to say about it. "It suits me very well," said Zuckerberg. After reading a question on education, Zuckerberg added his own comment: "I think your program Race to the Top [race to the top] is one of the most important reforms and the most underestimated of your government.

" Obama concluded by referring to the excessive profits of oil companies, a way of repeating his admiration for Facebook. "Nobody is doing as well as Shell and other companies," he said. "Finally, maybe Facebook is doing better." "We're very honored," said the young millionaire to conclude.

"We had a great time," Obama assured his friend. Zuckerberg offered Obama a hooded sweatshirt Facebook - "in case, for one reason or another, you want to dress like me. "

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