Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The black boxes indicate a pilot error as the cause of the crash of Rio-Paris flight

The analysis of the black box flight between Rio de Janeiro and Paris that crashed nearly two years ago in the Atlantic points to pilot error as the reason of the accident that killed the 228 occupants of the plane, reveals the issue digital daily 'Le Figaro'. Information, not confirmed by the researchers, was published a day after confirmation that the data collected in the black boxes were in good condition despite the harsh conditions under which they were in the seabed, nearly 4,000 meters deep .

According to 'Le Figaro', the data read from the last weekend in those black boxes exculpate Airbus, maker of the A330 that crashed and one of the accused of manslaughter in the judicial investigation opened in France. Experts from the Office of Research and Analysis (BEA), in charge of the investigation, are now trying to determine whether pilot error is a purely human or it is also for the safety instructions of the airline Air France, which owns the plane, another defendant, adds the environment.

To clarify this feature the information gathered on the two black boxes, localized and brought to the surface earlier this month and came to Paris last Thursday. With this information, researchers hope to reconstruct what happened on June 1, 2009 when flight AF447 crashed into the Atlantic shortly after taking off from Rio de Janeiro on his way to Paris.

According to Le Figaro, BEA intends to communicate the items on the liability of Air France in the coming hours, but the next progress report is due for release until the summer. The latest report, published in December 2009, long before they discovered the wreckage and the black boxes, pointing to a failure in the velocity measurement probes, blocked by ice, as the cause of the accident.

But BEA said that these conclusions are not definitive and urged caution.

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