Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TEPCO hopes to stabilize the reactor at Fukushima in January 2012

The power company has confirmed TEPCO hopes to stabilize the damaged reactor nuclear plant in Fukushima (northeastern Japan) in January 2012, which would end the nuclear crisis caused by the tsunami on 11 March. Tokyo Electric Power, operator of nuclear plant accidents, has today revised the 'roadmap' filed last month to carry Fukushima reactor to a cooling down and issue cease and radioactivity.

In its basic lines, the revised plan by the utility keeps the calendar in advance on April 17, according to which the reactors recovered in three months, a stable cooling, while in six to nine months will shut down its nuclear fuel. The plan includes specific dates. Thus, TEPCO hopes to bring the reactors 1, 2 and 3 of Fukushima in mid-July to the cooling situation stable and be able to leave in January in cold shutdown.

The company announced also that he had reviewed the plan to fill with water reactor containment vessel 1, the most affected by the earthquake and tsunami, to now try to create a water circulation system to cool it and other units. The change in plans comes after it emerged that part of the fuel from the reactor 1 is melted in the early hours of the crisis and drilled the pressure vessel so that liquid is seeping into the primary containment vessel, and hence possibly the building that houses the unit.

The Japanese Nuclear Safety Agency has indicated that the fuel rods from reactors 2 and 3 could also have melted Fukushima. The devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11 left without refrigeration for three reactors and a fuel pool of the central unit 4 of Fukushima. While TEPCO has presented a review of its plan, the Japanese government has announced its program to address the situation of thousands of evacuees from the situation at the plant in Fukushima.

The government has accepted that the situation that results from a national policy supporting nuclear energy and must admit their responsibilities, according to NHK. The plan includes making available to victims temporary Fukushima 24,000 houses in mid-August and will soon allow the displaced to return to their homes to collect belongings, which began making in stages last week.

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