Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IVORY COAST - Major challenges facing Ouattara

The arrival of Alassane Ouattara business opens a new page in the history of Côte d'Ivoire. It is far from being a definitive solution to the Ivorian crisis. Moreover, the president knows this. Thus there is reconciliation and pacification its two main priorities. Reconciliation looks complex. The post-election violence has left deep wounds that heal in no way effect the will of France or the UN.

The forum of national reconciliation announced by President of the Republic shall not be an ordinary appointment: it should address the real problems that are the basis of a deep social divide. National reconciliation is not impossible, says Christian Bouquet, professor of political geography at the University of Bordeaux III.

Provided that "first, all political calls to halt the sectarian violence and, secondly, the hatred that has developed around the couple's victims or perpetrators, tempered by political gestures very clear for the return in the country with an implacable justice, independent of parties and anxious to deal with all abuses went unpunished in the past decade, since the mass grave of Yopougon in 2000 to that of Duekoue in 2011, through abuses in 2002 north and west, the death squads, demonstrations suppressed with real bullets, mortars bombarded the markets ...

"Another challenge is the reunification of the army. Reform is needed, as it seems essential to rebuild trust relationships civilian-military and redefine the missions of the institution. We also believe that the president must address if Gbagbo, who must be treated with great delicacy.

Because the former head of state has still raised more than 45% of the votes cast in the election on November 28, 2010. The final priority is obviously the revival of the national economy. End economist specializing in financial matters, Ouattara was able to assess the degree of poverty of the Ivorian people and especially cracking the national economic fabric.

Ivorians hope - and this within a short time - a significant improvement in their welfare. The future of Côte d'Ivoire is still uncertain, but with the end of the deteriorating situation, hope is again permitted.

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