Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Estonia - The return home, no thank you

("Come back, come back! Glandouillé You have enough in this hot country!" Drawing of the campaign "Talent, come back!") The "Talent, come back!" aims to return in 2011 at least 25 Estonians about 200,000 who live abroad. This program, under the patronage of the Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and a budget of 125,000 euros, is it a triumph or a joke? The price for each "talent" is 5000 Euros, equivalent to six months' average wages in Estonia.

In Finland, when I spoke of "Talent, come back!" with Estonians living there, the subject has provoked a visceral reaction. Not that the Estonians in Finland never dream of returning home, but because the name of this program, "talent," the wounded. This term has offended the maid as the roofer or the bus driver.

They believe that this call is addressed to the homeland Estonians talented, to spirits, but not labor, skilled or not.

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