Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dozens injured in riots between "untouchables" in India

New Delhi .- At least twenty people were injured in clashes in southern India between two communities of "untouchables" or excluded from the Hindu social system, police said today. The riots began yesterday in the village of Pudupatti, located in the region of Tamil Nadu, in the course of about preparations to celebrate the results of recent regional elections, a police source said the agency PTI India.

Winners and losers of the election began a discussion, and soon began a confrontation with Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles, during which several houses were looted. Sixteen people were arrested today in connection with the clashes and the authorities ordered the deployment in the village of a contingent of police.

The Dalits or "untouchables", historically outside the caste system, are the segment of India's population more disadvantaged and continue to suffer discrimination and abuse in rural areas of the country although the Constitution forbids it. With over 160 million people labeled with the stigma Dalits in India, many members of the community remain engaged in tasks considered "impure", clean latrines, pick up trash, and suffer the scorn of the rest of the population.

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