Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Berlusconi suffered a setback in the city of Milan, the city

Silvio Berlusconi municipal elections expected to give him a political boost to hold comfortably in front of the Government two years remaining of the legislature. Not so, according to the known results last night. Most painful for Il Cavaliere was the unexpected setback in his hometown, Milan, where he appeared, symbolically as a candidate.

In the Lombard capital, the current mayor, Letizia Moratti, was behind the candidate of the center, Giuliano Pisapia. By not reaching that 50 percent plus one vote, there will be a run off election, on 29 May. Can not be excluded that this second shift had a corner and could keep the mayor Moratti.

Berlusconi had invested considerable time and energy in Milan. His name was heading the list of his party, the People of Freedom (PDL), on a ballot other than the one used to rate the mayor. Hold the government from the capital of northern Italy is important because it symbolizes the strength of cooperation between the LDP and the Northern League, a partner also in the national government.

It seems that the aggressivity of Moratti at the end of the campaign has turned against her. In a televised debate, Mayor Pisapia accused of a crime allegedly committed thirty years ago, dusted off his past as far left and his contacts with terrorist circles. In Naples, the center-right candidate, businessman Gianni Lettieri, was far ahead, but also no second round.

The capital of Campania was now in the hands of the center. Neapolitan The big surprise was the excellent results of former judge Luigi De Magistris, Italy of Values (IDV)-the party of former judge Antonio Di Pietro, who won many more votes than the top of the list of Democratic Party (PD) Mario Morcone, and will play, then, Lettieri mayor in the runoff.

In Turin, the center's current mayor, Piero Fassino, was confirmed without a runoff, and Bologna, the left's traditional stronghold, was in doubt whether the candidate of the center was imposed without going to the tiebreaker. It is risky to extrapolate the results of these local and national policy do a reading.

In local elections are settled very specific problems and weighs much the personality of the mayor or mayor. However, the cases of Milan and Naples do allow some conclusions. The first is that Berlusconi loses electoral pull and may be accused, though not dramatically, the effects of a very complicated past two years, to come to light the sexual scandals and suffered the defection of a character of weight, Gianfranco Fini , who left the LDP with its loyal and established his own party.

In opposition, the PD does not seem either who is very strong, as evidenced by the results of Naples.

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