Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Abdel Halim Khaddam: Bashar al-Assad is overthrown in a month or a month and a half "

"Within a month, or month and a half, Bashar al-Assad is toppled," he told La Vanguardia in an exclusive interview Abdel Halim Khaddam, former Syrian president in office, Vice President for twenty years and Foreign responsible for fourteen. Khaddam was one of the strongmen of the Syrian Government, despite being Sunni and not belong to the Alawite minority that runs the country for nearly half a century.

In 2005, five years after the death of President Hafez al-Asad and the rise of his son Bashar, Khaddam was exiled to Paris and since then directed several opposition groups seeking to end the regime of the Assad family , which has lasted 41 years. At first, in 2006 accused Bashar al-Assad (in another interview with this newspaper) have ordered the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri raffia.

According to Wikileaks, his group has been funded by the U.S. in the last six years. We meet again in Brussels and throughout the four hours that accompany it, Khaddam is frequently reported demonstrations in Syria and leads his allies, who are protesting against the Alawite regime. Before starting the interview, his aides put a Syrian flag in the room.

"It requires a more active international intervention and imposition of political, economic and military against the Asad regime," he says. "They are against the Syrian people what the Israelis did not dare to do against Palestinian demonstrators," he says. He added: "Bashar al-Assad, his brother Maher, repressing the demonstrations, and two cousins Makhluf family have stolen a total of 60,000 million dollars to the Syrian people." You do not seem to doubt that Bashar Assad is going to fall.

With the killings that are happening and the use of tanks, and all the massacres carried out, I have no doubt that this regime is coming to an end and the dictatorship is going to end. We need to establish a democratic regime. Most of the officers who control the army are Alawi and so support the regime.

What is your personal role in the Syrian revolution? Young started this revolution. My colleagues in Syria, who follow me, and I support these protests. This is not the revolution of a single party, ethnic group or organization, but a popular revolution. When I decided to resign stopped being politically active but I am still active nationally.

This is the time for young people and we, as parents, we must support. Maintain continuous contact with my men in Syria over the phone, internet, personal letters and messengers that instruct. The Muslim Brothers were on our Front Opposition but abandoned by certain differences. You represent that there are daily massacres in Syria.

Can you detail specific cases? The massacres are many. Since there is no town or village that has not been visited by the army and has not been the scene of a slaughter. There are about two thousand dead in Syria, and the numbers, the smaller, known in the world through media comunicaciónno accurate.

An example: in the city of Goma snipers have killed dozens of people and Banyas, my hometown, too. Have been arrested all the men over fifteen years and carried an Alawite town of Dahar to Dawa. Here the hands and legs bound, tortured them, called the population and stoned to detainees.

You are holding a list of personalities of the Syrian regime that demands boycott, starting with President Bashar al-Assad ... It is about 60 army officers, 16 civilians and 37 businessmen who buy arms abroad and are involved in the killings. We demand the intervention of the international community to stop what is happening in Syria.

We feel that the community internacionalapoya of the Asad regime indirectly by not lifting a finger when to stop these massacres. How does the support of Iran and Hezbollah in the suppression of the revolutions? The Syrian government is essential to the Iranians. Iran has dominated Lebanon through Hezbollah and Syria.

Hezbollah will not do anything without consulting with Iran. Iran provides financial support and weapons as well. In one of my meetings with former Iranian President Rafsanjani, I explained the strategy of Iran and confessed that his great ambition is to create a united Islamic territory from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean.

Syrian military officers and intelligence are trained in Iran and Iranian advisers are set out in Damascus, who have the last word. The Iranians are not Arabs, so the fall of Syria Bashar returned to its Arab identity and will also help the liberation of Lebanon from Hezbollah and Iran.

Is it true that women in El Assad and his sons have fled to Europe? Yes, I too have heard this news. His wife and children, accompanied by her father, traveled to London. Still, I can not confirm or deny. People close to the Assad has warned that if there's no peace in Syria will be in Israel.

Is it a real threat? That was Rami Mahluf, cousin of El Assad, who told the New York Times. It is an outrageous statement, since the Syrians always said that we are a country of resistance. I really think if that is their intention, why did nothing when Israel bombed the area of Deir Azur-read Syrian nuclear plant under construction and when the Israelis came to Ein al Sajeb, ten miles from Damascus? Bashar al-Assad did not dare give the order to throw any missile at Israeli planes.

So I do not think a real threat. He only makes the weak strong. Is democracy that will emerge will support Syria in the peace and reconciliation with Israel? The new regime will be democratic. The Government will aim to build Syria, which is now destroyed. Its economy is dead, justice is corrupted, the Syrian people are eager to build their country and all are very committed to the Arab peace initiative with Israel.

Peace is an essential element for the Syrians and the entire region. Do you think the Muslim Brotherhood would win at the polls in Syria or other Arab countries, Middle East becoming a "neighborhood Islamist"? There is no doubt that the Islamists are strong in Egypt and Jordan. In the eighties to have a party in Syria, but in that year were wiped out, killed and imprisoned many others.

When they left the jail were very weak and under the law anyone who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood is punishable by death. But can the Islamists win future elections in Syria? Historically part of the Syrian people. The Syrian people that, which is a religious people, Muslim or Christian.

I imagine that the Muslim Brothers win only a few seats. Not achieve a high percentage. I see that always accompanies the flag of Syria at all places you go ... The Syrian flag for me is a symbol of ethnic and national pride, and I'm proud of it with all my soul.

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