Monday, May 9, 2011

Egyptian Prime Minister meets the Government Emergency

London. .- The Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, has called an emergency meeting of his government following clashes between Muslims and Christians that took place on Saturday in Cairo that killed at least eleven dead and 140 wounded. As reported by state media, Sharaf has suspended a visit to the Persian Gulf for the occasion.

The clashes began after five hundred Salafi Muslims concentrate on a Coptic Christian church Imbaba district in the capital. Salafis had gathered around the church of St. Mary and St. Mina in order to be a woman who allegedly had converted to Islam and that they claimed had been held in this church against his will.

However, sources consulted by the Egyptian newspaper "Al Masry Al Ayum 'said it all started after the young Muslims express their desire to convert to Christianity. During the standoff, members of both communities used firearms, stones and firebombs. The authorities have made a safety device made by army and police, backed by armored vehicles.

The military has fired into the air and has used tear gas to separate the two sides in conflict, according to eyewitnesses. The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa, has appealed for calm. "All Egyptians must stand together shoulder to shoulder and avoid confrontation," he told the Egyptian news agency.

It has also urged the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to prevent any person who endangers the safety of the country. The country's Christian community, which accounts for 10 percent of the 80 million inhabitants of the same, complains of unequal treatment. In this regard, they noted that there are laws that make it difficult to get permits to build a church that needed to build a mosque.

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