Monday, May 9, 2011

Al Qaeda in the Maghreb says that is not behind the attack in Marrakesh

The extremists of Al Qaeda have denied any connection with the recent bombing in Marrakesh in a statement released by the Nouakchott Information Agency (ANI). The terrorist attack took place at Café Argana of Jemaa El Fna nine days ago and took the lives of 17 people, including 14 tourists from different nationalities, mostly French.

"We have followed the blasts of Argana, and accusations of Moroccan Interior Ministry and other authorities, who have pointed to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) as author of the attack." "We deny our relationship with the explosion," the armed group in a note whose authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

Last Thursday, the Moroccan authorities announced the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the explosion Argana Café and two of his colleagues, according to the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom Alawi three were loyal to the Salafis of al Qaeda. According to police sources told Efe, the mastermind of the blasts is Adil El Otmani, and the other two arrested are Abdesamad Abdelhakim El Batar and Edah.

All their thirties, were detained in Safi, where they lived in the neighborhood of Dar Bouauda. Al Qaeda says in its statement that "while reaffirming that the attack against Jews and Crusaders and against their interests, we choose the time and place without contradicting the interests of the nation in its march towards freedom." Ask the "Muslim brothers" in Morocco to complete his march to get rid of the dictator and his servants, to intensify their protests and demonstrations continue to free their unjustly imprisoned brothers and to bring down the tyrant criminal regime.

" "You must provide an opportunity for the dictator, his associates and their media to divert your attention, by whatever means and under the pretext whatsoever, of the revolution to end injustice and restore the rights and dignity. " Moroccan Interior Minister, Taieb Cherqaoui, on Friday called the alleged perpetrator of the attack as an individual and Salafi jihadist ideology, which had made three attempts to join the jihad without success.

In 2004, she said Cherqaoui, was arrested in Portugal, and in 2007 in Syria after relocating to Chechnya and Iraq respectively. A year later, and with his two associates in the attack, was intercepted by Libyan authorities and expelled from the country while trying to reach Iraq again. Cherqaoui also explained that the bombs detonated in the Argana weighed 6 to 9 kilos, which were activated directly from your mobile and carried out the attack until it hid the explosives in the house of his parents.

In addition, the terrorist-as-Moroccan authorities had chosen another coffee first Plaza de la Villa Ocre, but finding that Argana was full of tourists, he changed his first choice. The Ministry of Interior reported that the perpetrator had been initiated in the manufacture of explosives on the Internet, produced two bombs detonated remotely in Argana, a space with a large influx of Moroccan and foreign visitors (received up to a thousand visitors in high season ), where he found posing as tourists.

According to Interior, the three-to be presented to the courts, and apparently had a history of recruiting fighters for Iraq. Preliminary investigations have uncovered traces of explosives products and tools which jettisoned after the execution of the attack. AQIM has claimed it does, however, some kidnappings by militants in North Africa, operating in Mali, Niger and Mauritania.

One such abduction was staged by the three cooperating Catalan Albert Vilalta, Roque Pasqual and Alicia Gamez, who were kidnapped in November 2009. Pascual Vilalta and could leave the shelter of the extremists in August 2010 and Gámez few months earlier.

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