Monday, May 9, 2011

The woman who reported Gaddafi's troops for rape escapes Tunisia

New York. .- Iman al Obaidi, one of the most recognizable faces of the Libyan revolution, the country has managed to escape with the help of military deserters and is in Tunisia. The woman, who last March broke into a hotel for foreign journalists to report he had been beaten and raped by 15 militiamen of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi managed to cross the border last Thursday using a refugee document, according to CNN.

The woman left the capital, Tripoli in a military jeep, with their faces covered in full less an arm and a leg. Al Obaidi Tunisia managed to enter through the border disguised Dahiba "the local way" and found no resistance, although he acknowledged to CNN photojournalist, Khalil Abdullah, who had done "very tired" after the crossing.

Al Obaidi managed to save the many roadblocks that found their way to the border with the help of his family and a military deserter who used his own documentation to break through. The woman wore a refugee document. Once through the border, accompanied by French diplomats to Al Obaidi to the country's capital, where "is now considering his future" and hopes "to benefit under the protection of a Western government." Al Obaidi, which last erupted March 26 in Rixos hotel in Tripoli to denounce the many attacks, both physical and sexual, of which he had been subjected by the militias gadafistas, claims to have left the country for fear of her security.

"Generally, government officials harass me when I showed my ID," he said. "I am humbled to the point that people who are around begins to defend and score of shameful that a Libyan woman is treated that way," the woman said in an interview given to CNN last month.

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