Monday, May 9, 2011

PORTUGAL - Exclusive club of the rich, so what?

With financial support from international bodies, the country, that each of us should think about living differently. As in Greece and Ireland, the Portuguese will not be able to live according to European standards. Yep, our survival is at stake: we must stop behaving like Europeans. In fact, we will be excluded from the "rich club".

We'll have to bring ourselves to join the Third World. We are primarily responsible for the current situation. But Europe has also failed in its duty of solidarity vis-à-vis the lowest it has let us down. Europe has imposed rules more stringent, which we have often bent. This goes back a bit to go from picking fruit to a simple logistics necessary for the smooth running of a restaurant.

The time will come when a family will sell hot dogs to survive on the doorstep, where the builder a little bit talented will earn his living by installing switches, where farmers sell their water distilled spirits and home smoked ham uncertified; the corner where the engineer and manufacture its own hands will rise from an exhaust pipe, which we must resign ourselves to borrow less well-maintained highways, deprived areas with service stations, reflectors at separation plant - or even no separation at all - but the freeways.

Let us turn to the regression? The shortage will does us a country less safe, less certified, less European? It will certainly review the Food Safety Authority and Economic (ASAE), the periodical technical inspections of vehicles, safe play areas. What lies ahead may be, is a country where everyone can imagine making a living in his own way of selling live animals to market passenger cars in flimsy thatched, commercialization of eggs from the henhouse ...

without all these measures complicated imposed by Brussels. We die more easily, we have more accidents, less support, and no luck. And we will know very quickly if we can still get out through the "desenrascanço" [the legendary Portuguese system D] without bowing Europe. Another hypothesis: let's get to work.

Liberate us from this dependence vis-à-vis the state. Do and stop making the government accountable for all our ills. Define for ourselves our own strengths: wine, olive oil, tourism, high technology, the sea, cork, footwear, renewable energy - and export them once and for all, without waiting incentives.

Leave a courageous government reform justice and end the abuse of social benefits. Let us ensure that the "generation swath" create jobs rather than wait. And in a few years, we are again in Europe. But then we will be right, no one will we conceded, not even Jacques Delors.

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