Monday, May 9, 2011

MOOD - His crime? Refusing to kneel

The argument most often advanced to justify hatred against Laurent Gbagbo is that it behaves in electoral recidivist thug. A crime has become almost commonplace in Africa, however, that these same members of the international community who are now falling Gbagbo still support dictators who made the election heist.

I begin to have an initial response regarding the real reason for this hatred against Gbagbo: his insubordination against imperialism. Here the act which has signed the death warrant of Laurent Gbagbo: his refusal to meet twice on the phone to Barack Obama, the president of the most powerful nation in the world.

In all likelihood, he would have imposed the same humiliation the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. It has a name: lese-imperialism, but I prefer to hit and not genuflect. While some African leaders would be mind-blowing and almost on their knees to talk on the phone with Obama or Sarkozy, now that Gbagbo sends stroll Obama.

He sowed the wind and therefore deserves to reap the whirlwind, I will say it. But is it still that his detractors have the courage to reveal the reasons why they hate him devote this. Instead, they tack and try to intimidate anyone who did not accompany them in their hatred against Gbagbo.

I could have, like many other Africans, to join this caravan of hate. But, to the arrogance and impartiality of the international community, I am obliged to choose the party of Laurent Gbagbo, not because he is a saint or is necessarily the type of leader whose dream of Africa tomorrow, but because the hatred of others has made him an enemy to defeat.

I understand the Ivorians who have seen their country disintegrate during the past decade and want to shift the responsibility to Laurent Gbagbo. According to them, he should not have to resist those who, since 2002, had decided to land because he had lost the confidence of teachers. It is in this trap of food and digestive tract that the international community takes some Ivorians.

For ten years, which takes the name of international community has strangled the Ivory Coast. Then it was easier to tell Ivorians to get rid of this man who gave them that misfortunes. They said that Ouattara will bring them prosperity since it has connections in the Western system, unlike Gbagbo, who locked himself in a reactionary nationalism.

But it is fifty years since independence, Côte d'Ivoire should have access to this prosperity without waiting Ouattara. What proves that this was not possible under the charismatic and equally co Felix Houphouet-Boigny Ouattara will be under? edetayo. blogspot. com

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