Monday, May 9, 2011

Sharaf convened an urgent meeting by violence between Muslims and Christians

The Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, has convened a crisis meeting of his cabinet. The aim is to try to curb the violent clashes between Muslims and Christians. The latest outbreak of sectarian violence have left for some serious enfrentameintos in Cairo at least 10 dead and 186 injured, some seriously.

Due to these clashes, Sharaf has postponed a visit to United Arab Emirates, according to official media announced. The wave of inter-religious violence soared in the country following the bloody attack against a crowded church on New Years Eve in Alexandria, which claimed the lives of more than twenty people.

He was one of the bloodiest attacks perpetrated in Egypt in recent years, which provoked large protests, and the most serious against the Christian community in Egypt, which represents 10%. In recent weeks, Iraqi terrorist organizations linked to Al Qaeda have carried out several attacks against Christians in that country to protest the alleged disappearance of two Egyptian women who were Christian and converted to Islam.

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