Monday, May 9, 2011

DIRECTIONS - Do not mess with the label

So that the wedding ceremony takes place in accordance with the rules of propriety, a 22-page guide was distributed to 1900 guests, tells the Daily Mirror. The instructions refer to punctuality, dress codes and how to stand at the table. • Guests are asked to arrive twenty minutes before the start of the ceremony and switch off mobile phones.

• Women should not "overdo" or wear white or cream color reserved for the bride. • Men will be in costume and top hat (the hat should not be worn inside the church). The military will be of uniform. • Guests will mark the entry and exit of the Queen in Westminster Abbey with a bow. • At dinner, glass of champagne (which will be flowing, the newspaper) must be held by the foot.

It would raise his cup of tea gently, without the saucer, holding the handle between the forefinger and thumb. A list of recommendations was circulated to staff of companies that provide catering, recalling in particular that they should not watch Kate, the Queen or any other member of the royal family.

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