Monday, May 9, 2011

At least 18 killed in a mutiny by members of Al Qaeda in a Baghdad jail

A leader of Al Qaeda who was detained in a prison in Baghdad has killed eight policemen in prison before he died in police firing, sources with the Ministry of Interior. In the riot that also killed nine terrorists were released by the leader of the command. Al Batawi is the main accused of the attack on October 31 against a Syrian-Catholic church in Baghdad that left 58 dead.

The sources explained that the terrorist ringleader, identified as Abu Hazifa to Batawi, stole a gun from the police while being interrogated, killed him, took several hostages and freed nine other suspected terrorists detained. These were made with guns and grenades. Five of the suspects tried to flee but were killed by special forces and the rest will be dug in the prison, where he also died by gunfire.

Among the officers who killed the terrorist arrested include the head of the anti-terrorist police in the Al Karrada Muaid General Saleh and his counsel. The incident began after midnight and there was an exchange of gunfire that lasted for several hours over this morning. The policemen killed and wounded Al Batawi another charged church bombing in Baghdad.

In addition, a civilian who were in jail to testify at a hearing died in the shootout, the sources added.

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