Monday, May 9, 2011

A group of insurgents remains entrenched in a building in Kandahar

Kabul .- The Government of Afghanistan reported Sunday that some Taliban fighters now remain holed up in a hotel in Kandahar, from which they launch sporadic bursts of fire against the main government building in this southern Afghan city. At a news conference in Kabul, Afghan Interior spokesman, Zemarai Bashari, said an undetermined number of insurgents in a hotel, from which they are attacking the governor's office in the province of Kandahar.

This is the only point of the city where attackers are after several commands yesterday launched a Taliban assault on Kandahar Multiple against a number of official buildings, Bashari said. According to the source, a total of 27 insurgents, including 15 suicide attack during the day several police stations, an office of the Afghan intelligence service, two schools, administrative buildings and the headquarters of most local political representative.

According to this version, 23 fundamentalists were shot dead by security forces or after detonating the explosive charges that carried attached to their bodies, while four were arrested. In the attack, according Bashari-two people died and 29 others were injured, including 15 civilians and twelve police officers.

The offensive comes shortly after the Taliban announced the death of the leader of the Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, "give new impetus" to their struggle. These warnings are added to the announcement made last week by launching an offensive against NATO forces and Afghan government to mark the beginning of the spring season, when traditionally the fighting escalated.

Kandahar, a province in which NATO launched a major military operation in 2010, is considered the spiritual center of the Afghan Taliban and regularly hosts incidents of violence. Among the most recent being the April 25 escape through a tunnel of 500 prisoners from the political section of the prison in the provincial capital, most of them Taliban, and the assassination of the regional police chief in a suicide bombing ten days before.

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