Monday, May 9, 2011

Nantes's murderer wrote a letter to his mother: Do not worry too

Xavier Dupont, the alleged 'murderer of Nantes', who killed his wife and four children, it is believed that on 4 April, but were discovered on 21, he wrote a few days before the horrific murder on 8 April, a letter his mother asking him not to worry about him or his family, as published by the French newspaper 'Liberation'.

Addressed to "my dear little mother." "Do not worry too much, everything will go well and time passes quickly, you take care of yourself," begins Xavier Dupont Ligon, missing since 15 April. "Until we meet again, try to fix the situation with Vero (one of his sisters). You are suffering with this and someone has to take the first step," he continues.

"You do not discuss here on Earth, God knows what to do (...) I send a big hug with all my heart. Agnes and children join me to tell you we love you and miss you" and ends with his signature "You Xav. The letter makes clear, confirmed that Dupont is the murderer of his family, just days after killing his wife and children, Dupont continued to make a normal life and maintaining contact with his mother and siblings.

Despite all the evidence incriminating him, his family continues to defend his innocence, but confirmed that the letter is yours, says that "could have been written under duress." "The mother is afraid for his son. However, there are 10,000 possibilities. Or Xavier committed suicide, but does not fit their personality or killed and no one will ever know what happened.

His mother and sister, and I am sure that all your family, hope of finding him alive: they all need answers, "says the mother's lawyer, Stéphane Goldenstein. On 21 April the French judicial police was in the garden of a family of Nantes the bodies of five of its members. The head of household, Xavier Dupont Ligonnès, never knew anything.

However, research soon began to target the father as the alleged murderer.'s when the tax Nantes, Xavier Ronsin said he ordered the distribution of a circular blue by the Interpol, which involved the location of that person in the country to be found and prompt notice of that fact to France.

The hypothesis of a slaughter prepared is based, among other things, that had ceased to rent the family home, where the father had announced a move to Australia letter to schools the children and had also written to some known it was a secret agent and would disappear for a while.

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