Monday, May 9, 2011

A leader of Al Qaeda arrested kills six policemen in a Baghdad jail

Baghdad .- A leader of Al Qaeda who was detained in a prison in Baghdad on Sunday killed six policemen in prison before dying shot with ten others arrested, Iraqi officials said. The management spokesman in Baghdad, Qasem Atta, said in a press conference that the terrorist ringleader, identified as Abu Hazifa to Batawi, and two paths stolen weapons terrorists detained several officers and opened fire on police.

In the shootout that ensued killed eleven terrorists, including Al Batawi, who was the leader in Baghdad, the Islamic State of Iraq, an alliance of armed groups led by Al Qaeda, and was detained on 27 November. Al Batawi was the main accused of the attack on October 31 against a Syrian-Catholic church in Baghdad that left 58 dead and ten other prisoners who died in prison were also processed on the same charges.

The confrontation occurred after midnight yesterday and lasted for several hours. Atta recognized "a clear failure in the treatment of dangerous defendants" detained in prisons, in reference to the theft of arms by Al Batawi.

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